About Us

CabBookers.com launched its minicab price comparison and online taxi booking in 2007 after years of experience in building online mini cab quotation and booking services for reputable mini cab companies in London.

Helping people finding a mini cab in their locality or booking a cab in any area to which you may travel we have learnt that promptness and the quality of the service is the key to customer loyalty. That is why we are very selective when it comes to selecting mini cab and taxi services with whom we built a working partnership.

By emphasising the quality, efficiency and cost of the service we do our share to raise the standard of the mini cab services in London and other UK cities where we have a presence.

Book a cab with a few clicks on our website, mobile website and dedicated taxi booking Apps. We would love to hear your feedback about our service and our various taxi booking platforms. We also welcome your views about any of our partners and your view about the level of service that you have received.

CabBookers.com is owned and operated by Informist Ltd that was established in 2003 to provide innovative online services.

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